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Lecxis Jewelry Collection

At Lecxis.com " We are all visionaries and what we see in jewels is our soul" For that reason hence our logo " The Owl" as a symbol of status, intelligence and wealth. The Owl is sacred to the Greek goddess Athena. In ancient Greek mythology, the goddess Athena kept an owl on her shoulder that revealed truths to her and represented wisdom and knowledge. In some versions of mythology, the owl was said to illuminate Athena's "blind side," allowing her to see the entire truth in everything. The Owl is widely associated with Athena's blessing, and Greek soldiers viewed the sight of owls before a battle as a symbol of protection and reassurance that the goddess was on their side. According to historical records, the owl was common in Athens at the time, and historians have proposed that the birds' presence gave rise to the idea that they symbolized the city's goddess. While others give negative meaning to the owl. We at lecxis.com agree that the owl is only a positive symbol of wisdom, knowledge, protection and wealth. Check our Owl Jewelry collection, you will find intricate, beautifully made pieces. Use it as symbol of protection and to attract wealth.

"Revive The Beauty"